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I am passionate about technology and have been for as long as I can remember. As a first generation American growing up on the East Coast, I was fascinated by all sorts of technology and was always tinkering with them. My bedroom was crammed with all types of gadgets as I experimented with computers, continually pushing the limits.

Throughout my career I experienced the highs and lows from the dot com boom and resulting bust to the satisfaction of successfully owning my previous IT company for over 15 years in the Phoenix area. With a level head and a passion for success, I went from soldering motherboards to managing the IT Department for a large Healthcare Provider and then the Director of Information Technology for a national company spread throughout the USA.

Today, it is no surprise that I am still in love with IT, computers and technology. I am the owner and principal of Northern Arizona IT, the leading IT Support and Services company in Arizona.


Meet the NAIT Team

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Giving You Worry-Free IT

Northern Arizona IT is dedicated to providing worry-free IT and Cybersecurity Solutions that give you the peace of mind to focus on the important stuff. Expert IT support from NAIT takes the focus off your technology problems and puts it back on what really matters — your business.

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Core Values

Our 8 Core Values

We’re more than just an IT provider; we’re a partner, a guide; someone who embraces our understanding of cutting-edge technology only because it delivers superior results for our clients. Every organization is more than the sum of its parts—at Northern Arizona IT, it’s our job to deliver an IT solution that brings you together.



Northern Arizona IT should value innovation as a core value, as it is a technology-based company that helps businesses through technology. The company should strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements and provide innovative solutions to its clients.



As a company that helps businesses, Northern Arizona IT should prioritize its clients and their needs. The company should aim to provide exceptional customer service and build long-lasting relationships with its clients.



Northern Arizona IT should value integrity as a core value, as it is essential to building trust with clients. The company should be transparent and honest in all its dealings and maintain high ethical standards.



Northern Arizona IT should value teamwork as a core value, as it is essential to achieving its goals. The company should foster a collaborative work environment where employees work together to provide the best solutions to clients.



Northern Arizona IT should value accountability as a core value, as it is essential to building a strong culture. The company should hold its employees accountable for their actions and ensure that they take responsibility for their work.


Continuous Learning

Northern Arizona IT should value continuous learning as a core value, as it is essential to staying ahead in the technology industry. The company should encourage its employees to learn and grow and provide opportunities for professional development.



Northern Arizona IT should value adaptability as a core value, as the technology industry is constantly evolving. The company should be able to adapt to changes quickly and provide flexible solutions to its clients.


Community Involvement

Northern Arizona IT should value community involvement as a core value, as it is essential to building a strong company culture. The company should give back to the community and participate in local events and initiatives.

Let's Simplify Tech, Together

Improving your IT operations in support of your business goals can be overwhelming. When you trust us to take the complexity out of IT, the possibilities are endless.
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